Wind analysis and reporting for professionals


WindData Explorer™ is the first application to combine import, storage and management of wind data with a comprehensive set of wind analysis tools.
The change log documents every step of the filtering process and with the export functionality sharing complete data sets and analysis results have never been easier.
With WindData Explorer™ you can bring confidence in your wind data to a new level – for free.

Organise Wind Data

Import wind data from common wind data file formats or from cloud based systems, e.g. NRG Systems® WindPortal®.


Analyse Wind Data

Filter wind data using tools that have been developed and are continuously being improved by wind data analysts, for wind data analysts.


Generate Reports

Document the data set and your filtering by generating an exhaustive wind data PDF report – all by the push of a button.

WDA Report_forside

Top reasons to use WindData Explorer™


Easy data management based on a local MS SQL database.


Supports automatic import from a wide selection of data loggers


Extrapolate time series wind speed measurements to hub height using a time-varying wind shear model.


Get a quick overview of your collection of wind data with Google Maps.


Advanced recalibration and time adjustment functionality.


Create confidence in your wind regime using long term correction of the wind date based on four different linear regression models.


Obtain full traceability on changes to wind data and see which data has been disabled and why.


Visualize wind data in various dashboards to filter for outliers.


Build custom filters based on user defined mathematical expressions.


View multiple met stations simultaneously.


It’s free. No license fee or subscription charges.